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29 May 2010 @ 06:50 pm

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05 May 2010 @ 07:36 pm



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08 April 2010 @ 01:41 am
Ab '10 was okay it wasn't that awesome this year since most of the pimping cosplayers went to sakura con instead; But the shoots made my weekend; minus the few hitches that happened. With photographers since it was private shoots. :/ Oh well.
And I'm even starting to look into lighting to help with private shoots. Though highlights of the weekend laura and I double teaming up as dragged photographers for the drrrr shoot on friday, then our metaloid private shoot. Till my compression shirt and my tight pants were like "Lol no"
But one thing I learned from this con. I actually have them legs. And I still am slowly getting smaller. Lololol'

But onto the very small photo dump >:

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21 March 2010 @ 09:03 pm
Hey Hey Hey ab fourm! I know this isn't on the main forums; But the system of the fourm on how it handles bugs me a bit so I'm posting it here.  Since it is a bit confusing on the fourm and its to put it simply not that originiazted so that everyone can just reffrence to it Without much confusion.

None set up for thursday offical gatherings!


Fate/stay night
meet by dunkin donuts
11 am

Mobile suit gundam
Near dunkin donuts
11 am

first floor hynes
Time: 11 am

touhou project
top of the escalators
Time: 12pm

FF series
second floor near autorim
12 pm

Metal Gear Solid
Center courtyard
1 pm

In park

Square Enix
Lobby where tree is
2 pm

one piece
in the courtyard of the prudential

Steam punk
Outside dunkin donuts
3 pm

Vaule Group
Outside the courtyard
3PM, Photos: 3:25PM

Au Bon Pain

Duck-tape cosplay photo shoot
across the hall from the Dealers room, by the stairs

courtyard by the fountain

Meeting Place: Main Hallway, near Registration
Time: 4 pm

Lupin the 3rd
Main hall
4 pm

Soul Eater
main lobby
4 pm

Princess tutu
sherton lobby
5 pm


elevators on the third floor

Tengen Toppa Gureen Lagann
3rd floor at top of escalator near main events hallway
6 pm

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Pajama meet up
Location yet to be announced.


Sailor Moon
11 AM

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Mall Courtyard (outside area in the middle of the mall)
11 AM

Sheraton Main Lobby
11:30 AM

Main Lobby
(we'll wait 10-15 minutes for people to show up and then move from there if its too crowded)

Sheraton main lobby

Ouran High School Host Club

Au bon pan

Final Fantasy
12 - Meeting in 1st floor lobby hallway near escalators, then moving to outside the Marriott hotel (inside mall entrance)
7pm - 2nd floor (hallway end near Auditorium)


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03 March 2010 @ 11:02 pm

Trying out something new; daily sketches vent draw 2-3 times a week to unwind. So expect alot of crap from me :C OTL
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10 January 2010 @ 01:59 pm
Just a major dump of Wips more than anything else right now. I keep getting lazy on my pictures and recolouring and drawing them like 50 times :c Most is fan art.
kuroshituji, vocaloid, hetalia. And one orginal wip. For a character of a web comic in planning. Still playing around with his desgin. So its just possible concept ;'D.

Then Even more photos to follow. Wip of a vocaloid outfit. FFF and just so you know gaiz. It's srsly been about two years since I been able to sew. OH HOW I MISSED IT. OTL.

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FFF- Each time I try to get away from hetalia the characters keep dragging me back in
Hetalia cosplay list:

All cosplays listed will probably have a shoot of some kind
Since this is alot of famliga 27 things. [FFF the ofifcal of the group name once we get the ball rolling on it when were all together again in April ]

Main list for 2010 cosplay:

Pandora hearts- Oz -20%
Vocaloid- intimation black Gackpoid - 80% done
Upgraded Switzerland- 70% done
Squalo TYL version- Will be bought at the end of febuary

For Private shoots [not listed under main List]:

Bakuman- Hiramamu
World is mine- Gackpoid
Ponyo [hopefully] - Ponyo's father
Magnet gackpoid

And possibly- hetalia shoot undetermined for which character yet.

major if- If I get this camera my folks really want to get me I'll be shooting the following shoots as private invite only. Since I can only work with a few people at a time. :C
[I don't want to start planning these, till that camera is confirmed ]

Vocaloid -Magnet

All are due to change. But I hope not B |
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27 December 2009 @ 05:50 am
A lot of things have been happening within it's past week; it's been a bit overwhelming honestly. Then to add the yule - tide time with a week of grandmother thats hard of hearing and is something else comapred to the rest of the small family of ours.

A passing
One of my pet's I loved dearly for 7 plus years now passed away last Thursday. A month before Anime Boston she was diagnosed with cardio  mapothy, the hardest part is that we didn't want her to suffer. I'm doing a bit better but, the hardest part. She was MY, special cat, she woke me up she fell asleep with me she watched over me while I was sick. And loved every amount of attention anyone gave her. Even my father cried over her passing. But that Thursday we were at the limit to give her medicine to help her but it didn't work this time so mother and I agreed to put her down. That's the hardest thing of all of this. Even the vet that worked with us and gave her the injection that ended her life, was also trying hard not to get choked up but really respected that we did this. And was amazed that she managed to last this long. I think she was holding out till she could see me again. And loved those last two weeks we had to spend time. It's minor to alot of things to reality, yet that will always be the hardest thing about having a pet, being man enough to let them go. Before they really are suffering, just to live for your sake.
Then, yesterday. We got her ashes, The plan is to bring her ashes back to colorado, and burry them underneath my dad's raspberry bush with the past cats we had.
Auroa, chibi yan, jetta, bea, and now Ousia.

Possible schooling
So I been having to look at taking classes again. I just need one class, to learn how to use maya, since my school we always did xsi. I love xsi to death but I need to learn how to a few other 3d things as well to make myself a bit more hire able.
But when I was having to call around yes, I even had to call that dreaded school the AI, for the online courses, And the person I talked to; before I realized what was happening he pushed me into an application fill out for the course. When I only want to do ONE CLASS. He ignored that statement and tried to pull me into the full thing. Even managed to squeeze the application fee out of me. But were working to get that fixed. And it's amazing when you asked someone to hold it; till a descion is reached. They didn't if it's not fixed we will be having a fight with them to about it and will report it to their head.
Then; it get's even better. I called this guy to cancel my aplication since I found a better place to go to. He didn't do that! So some lady the next day was calling about the last info bits about my aplication so I can start taking the classes. But I had to call back and explain  everything to her. But; again. The fee wasn't fixed. So ended up having to fill a paper at the bank to get that fixed. Screw you to. AI. Screwing students over all the freaking time. B |
But with that run in, we found a better school. a 10 week course to maya. = w = So happy for this one now....~

then everyone's favorite subject; work.
It's been insane espcially around this time. Nearly all showings except for evening have been getting to all sold out. With them epic trash messes they leave us to clean up. But the up side. The managers and assisant managers trust me enough to where they treat me like I'm their own. And when on floor crew in the morning. Till a floor manager shows up they seem to always put me in charge. And always amazed at how smooth everythings going.
....I hate to sound egotical but I think I might be up to possibly be bumped up to assiant when theres room again. FFF- I need that for my resume so bad.

[Oh, and russia hun < 3 are you still planning that trip out here in january or what not since I want to take off time if you are for that other freind  to hang *_*; ]

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25 November 2009 @ 03:58 pm
A few things have been happening, but. Some of them I can't really talk about over publicly. The people I told already knows what's happening. It shook me up pretty good. Yes' I will admit I'm really naive still, to alot of things still. Even being 21.
Anways. a cut for some things thats been in the works. concept base stuff for a fanmade vocaloid project. I'm collarbating with on it. My freind is trying to figure out the utatu software, and I was the one in the desgins. So if your into vocaloid. Let me know what you think this is still just very base stuff. But were really trying to make them stand out from the rest of the fan created vocaloids.

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29 October 2009 @ 02:23 am
Been a few weeks since I had a few things to talk about. Lj cut since its long post :C
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